Know About These 4 Common Carpet Stains And How To Remove Them

To enhance the beauty of your house, carpet plays a very essential role. Those Common Carpet Stains are difficult to remove but it’s not impossible to get rid of these stains. Try to treat the stains immediately and quickly if you don’t want to ruin your carpet. 

Common Carpet Stains
Common Carpet Stains

Here are the most common type of carpet stains and how to remove them:-

  • Pet stains

If you have a pet in your house then accidents are very common. They are unable to hold their upset stomach and make a mess on your carpet. So you can get rid of the mess with the help of a tissue and paper towel. But don’t scrub the surface as it will spread the mess further. To clean the area, spray it with a solution of water & dishwashing liquid. Wait for some time until the soap water sits on the carpet then blot it dry. The stain will be removed but you may observe the persistent odor. So sprinkle the baking soda if you want to get rid of the odor. Once the smell has left the carpet vacuum up the baking soda.

  • Coffee stains

Sometimes your coffee slips over the carpet while you are carrying it over your carpet. So in that case try to clean the coffee as soon as possible. If you avoid cleaning you will get permanent stains. Use a paper towel to soak up much of the spill. Never scrub the stains and instead of that spray a water-vinegar solution. If required, prefer a non-bleach detergent and after some time, blot it up and sprinkle the baking soda. If the stains are too hard then sprinkle the baking soda and leave it overnight and vacuum it the next day.

  • Blood stains

If you ever get blood stains on your carpet then firstly spray it with cold water as suggested by carpet cleaning services. Avoid using warm water as it will make the stain set further in carpet fibers. Then spray the mix of water and detergent on the area. After that coat the stain and dab it dry. Repeat the process several times until blood stains are removed permanently. 

  • Red wine stains

You may get upset when red wine drops on your carpet. So you need to act immediately to remove the stains from your carpet and to save it. So without drenching your carpet pour some tonic water over the stain. Never give the stains a chance to set in bubbles should break up the stains. Until the carpet is dry, dab the tonic water away. Then spray water and vinegar solution over it. Blot the mixture of water and vinegar over the stain & sprinkle baking soda. Before you vacuum the solution, sprinkle baking soda on the stain. 


If the above-mentioned carpet stain removal method will not work then hire a carpet cleaning company. They help to remove the stains with the best cleaning methods.